Lesson Four

Happy Boyz

I just can’t resist! I have to deviate from Nootka for today and show you two very cute yearling colts. These two guys are best friends and live together in the back field. They make me smile everyday with their antics! They run, jump, rear, buck…you know all the usual horseplay kind of stuff. Yesterday morning I figured we needed a photo shoot with them as they’ve grown so much over the summer. The first few minutes of the shoot were awesome. Everybody was happy. Look at the great pic!

Then…two seconds after that pic things start going a bit sideways. Image (the gray one) decided that face fighting was much more fun than posing for pics.  Nice teeth don’t you think:

My bite is worse than my neigh?

We reorganize everyone. Whew…all calm now then I have the brillant idea of jumping up and down to get both horses to put their ears forward. Here is what happened:

RUN! You go left.. I'll go right!

So I was holding on to both horses as they went different directions. The rope burn on my hand was a nice touch.

The only lesson here is one I have heard a million times: You gotta roll with the punches (or horses for that matter).