Here She Is

Blonde Beauty

Starting is never easy. Sometimes you question why start or put off starting until tomorrow or my personal favorite starting at the first of the month. I think I’ve tried the first of the month tactic for a decade and it never works. It just makes me feel better when it is the 15th and I figure I can put off starting for around 15 more days!

So today is the 26th of August and I am actually starting this blog about my horse. Now that sounds a bit boring but this horse has become my guru as of late.

First I have to tell you that this mare is fat. It doesn’t matter how much she is ridden or if her daily feed rations are cut. She is big. I’ve actually had grandiose visions of her super fit and of course me super fit galloping through fields of lush grass with our beautiful blonde manes whipping in the wind. Then I look at her and look at me and think …humm that does seem quite funny. We can do the galloping and maybe look fitter but no I don’t think movie contracts are in the future.

So who is this fat mare? Her name is Nootka and she reminds me of one of those big bosomed girls working Oktoberfest in Germany. It’s easy to picture her with her cleavage showing as she pushes through the crowd with massive steins of beer sloshing over the top. You get the picture. Nootka is actually from Germany. I’ve never given her beer but my gut tells me she would like a super thick lager.

Here is what I like about her. She just doesn’t care that she is fat or what she looks like for that matter. She is opinionated and has a strong sense of what her expectations are of people. For example, when I ride her and ask her to stop she is like yes ma’am! Then if she thinks that I want her to trot right from the halt she is on high alert and is ready to go. If I want her to stand longer, she can get a bit anxious. When I give her the slightest movement that says ‘go’ she is off. I like that she is sensitive but on the other hand she can kick out and pin her ears if you get off-balance or give her a command that isn’t clear.

Lately Nootka has been doing more than just allowing me to ride her. She has been teaching me many lesson about life. The lessons come at the perfect time as I am starting (yes more starting) a start-up. Sometimes I would like to have a ‘finished-up” but the ‘ride’ is important as there is never an end point to anything.

I asked Nootka at lunch if she was okay with me writing about her lessons in a blog. She put her large mouth into her water bucket, took a big drink then came over and dripped all over my boot. I guess I’ll take that as a yes.


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