What am I about?

Right now I’m all about my start-up and horses. Last year, I left my well paying job, moved 3,000 miles and decided to start a start-up. The start-up is still cooking but soon it will be live. So far all the horses have helped to keep me sane (somewhat sane) in the process.

After I have spent hours and hours researching and writing (sometimes only to find out what I’m doing just doesn’t make any sense), I go to see the horses. They are my four hoof sagas. They help me find answers and new ways of looking at things. I figured that others who are stuck for a moment, taking a risk or are trying something new for the first time might love to hear their wisdom too.


One comment on “What am I about?

  1. Caliat says:

    Nootka looks like a right character, I look forward to hearing more about your adventures 😀

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