Lesson Fifteen – Check-in, Not Out

Girth Tight - check! Nootka Ready to Work

At university I took a course called Self-Management and Motivation. I thought it would be an easy ‘A’. I think I ended up with a ‘C’. It was all about making goals for yourself, making lists, multi-tasking, limiting yourself to a certain amount of time to do things, etc. Looking back now I see how none of that really makes sense.

It makes more sense to ‘feel’ your way through life with your emotions as the guides. For example, today I figured I needed to organize some paperwork and clean-up my workspace. At first, I felt a resistance to doing it then I thought that it would be great to listen to a podcast, drink some tea and relax about it.

Maybe I only needed to do part of it. I felt so much better that I actually enjoyed sorting those papers into files! If I had said to myself…just get it done now without seeing how I felt, it wouldn’t have felt good. I have figured out that resistance is a strong indicator. It means that something needs to change.

Nootka can be really crabby when the girth is tightened. Lately, I have been distracting her while I gradually tighten it. I usually scratch her belly (she loves that) then take the girth up a hole or two. She doesn’t notice. It takes longer but she is much happier.

Is the lesson…Make life fun! When there is a task to be done see how you feel and figure out ways to feel better about it.


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