Lesson Eleven – Baby Steps

I love this video with Ira Glass (of This American Life fame). The video isn’t great but his voice and of course words are worth listening to.

I feel like I put too much pressure on myself to get things right! Like Ira says, “You have a high bar and you really want to reach it quickly.” When you are starting something new or taking a risk, it is so easy to say, ‘I suck at this…I’m not going to be good enough to get it done right.’

It takes a certain level of belief in yourself to keep plugging away day after day with enthusiasm.  It’s a matter of setting the bar high but seeing everything you are doing (yes, even the baby steps) as part of the process.

With Nootka I can see the baby steps leading to the next training level but I still find myself wanting her to process faster. Why are we so conditioned to time/speed being the most important thing?

The lesson is: Get up everyday with the intention to write, paint, sing, exercise…whatever but do it no matter what!


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