Lesson Nine – Grazing Part II

Known to Unknown and Back

Yesterday a lovely lady came over to ride Nootka. She was looking for a horse to ride on the weekends and Nootka is always game for more exercise (my words not hers-she says). As she rode, I saw Nootka keep looking down the hill outside the ring. I knew what she was looking at which was the backs of the other horses (Flutter and Image) grazing.

From her perspective, she just saw that something looked off, out of place. There was an unknown and this worried her. She kept wanting to figure out what it was and started losing her concentration. She became fixated on it. Every time she circled close to the hill she wanted to stop and stare. No, going back to grazing or focusing on the riding in that moment. It was all about what is it? what is it? When the two horses came up the hill, she was almost like ‘only them?’ and went back to work easily.

I thought of the terms out there for the unknown. I’ve heard…education for the unknown (from a conference I went to at Harvard -preparing kids for an unknown future -I didn’t understand how you do that in a traditional factory-type education system…I don’t think they really knew either), there is unknown.com publishing (which is actually about getting known from publishing with them), going into the unknown (like Lewis and Clark exploring or that guy in the book: Into the Wild). All those unknowns have an element of being a little wary or afraid but then trying to do it anyway.

I feel like I’m looking in the eyes of the unknown this morning. Quite honestly I feel like Nootka. I want to figure out what it is. Can I figure it out though? It’s a future unknown.  Maybe if I could only see a bit of it I could go back to grazing so to speak?

Could the lesson be: React, know you are reacting, see/do what you can and get back to ‘grazing’


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