Lesson Eight – Going Back to Grazing

Grazing is Good!

Today I watched Nootka spook at something. She ran then turned and kept looking back to where she thought the ‘spooky’ thing was. She finally stopped and stared. I have no idea what she thought looked or sounded out of place or scared her. Who knows? But it was only a minute or two before she decided that everything was fine and she could go back to grazing. She didn’t run around for hours on high alert just in case it happened again!

Most people don’t seem to go back to grazing well. I find myself ruminating on things I just don’t need to think about. It’s so easy to get on a loop of repetitive thoughts.

For example, today I kept thinking about what I would do if the artist didn’t have the menu art done by the end of the month. Now my intellectual mind says…no need to think about that now. Wait and see what happens then figure it out. My reptilian brain apparently doesn’t like that answer and keeps trying to think of all sorts of scenarios in case it happens. A TOTAL waste of time! I want to go back to grazing whines my neo cortex.

There are many different kinds of techniques to let go of this kind of looping thinking. The first step is a simple awareness that you are in the loop! It’s that awareness without judgment that counts. For me the most useful technique has been PSYCH-K. Pretty much you are able to tap in to your subconscious mind with simple muscle testing. It’s a quick and easy way to reprogram tapes that keep playing in your life.

Another thing I do is to jot down a few sentences around the topic. For example, I write down the art will be beautiful (that feels good so I write more), it will enhance the app (good feeling there), I know the artist will do her best to be on time (good again) and the whole project is coming together easily (not as good so I change it). The project is going to look amazing soon (that one feels better).

The lesson is: Go back to Grazing!

How do you go back to grazing?


2 comments on “Lesson Eight – Going Back to Grazing

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  2. Going back to grazing… I am already pretty easy going, and I don’t wallow on a topic for too long, it will work out in its own way eventually, and going back to grazing.

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