Lesson One

With horses you get to deal with lots…I mean lots of manure. The average horse produces around 35lbs per day! You can see that it adds up quick. I compost our horse manure which sounds so nice and earth friendly but it’s a lot of shoveling. Sometimes I find it a little relaxing to shovel in the great outdoors. Other times I just don’t want to do it. Not doing it is bad as it just keeps adding up to be more work later. That’s the incentive for me to keep on top of the manure management so that I don’t have big old piles of manure everywhere.

Back to Nootka.  I was working with her the other day in the ring. My hubby was sitting in a folding chair and reading the latest tech book while watching me do my pre-ride check with Nootka. I typically put the saddle and bridle on her then attach a long line to either the bridle or halter. With this long line I have her circle around me for a few minutes. I usually do this to see from the ground how she is feeling and moving. It’s just a simple way for me to get a feel for where she is at.

Today I had her circling me when she moved slightly further out so that she was closer to the hubby sitting in his folding chair. As luck would have it she then pooped. Not just any old poop but a trotting horse poop with turds bouncing out. Now picture this…me standing, the hubby sitting and between us a trotting pooping horse. For a short moment I was looking at him through a cascade of falling turds. The hubby hardly noticed. That’s what I call focus. When the turds are falling right in front of you and you don’t really seem to care as you know they aren’t going to actually hit you.

When I stopped giggling I thought of how sometimes I feel like I’m looking through turds to see what I want on the other side. Whether it’s someone not adhering to a deadline or work being sub par, or a host of other turds that can get in the way of clearly seeing what you want.

I think the biggest lesson here is stay focused, let the turds fall, shovel them up, then make them into something better (just like compost!)


2 comments on “Lesson One

  1. skenn454 says:

    Wonderful lesson!

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